Mokakata Wildlife is a game farm situated in the Sekhukune district in Limpopo.   The name “Mokakata” is derived from the Northern Sotho name for the Lowveld Star Chestnut (Sterculia Murex), of which there are many found on the farm.

We offer a unique hunting opportunity on our 400 hectare farm with diverse mountainous and rivirrine area.  This makes it the perfect “walk and stalk” destination.

We also specialise in the breeding of big horn and big bodied genetic common Impala & Nyala.

Tambotie Riverside Chalet

Nestled between the mountains and valleys, along the riverbed of the Eloff Stream, you will find a resting place like no other.

The Tambotie Riverside Chalet is built to blend in with nature. Here you will lose yourself listening to the flow of the stream, the singing of the birds, and rustling of the wild animals.

The deck is built around the trees and it makes you feel like you are sitting in them.

The Bedrooms and Bathrooms are equipped with one-sided mirror glass that lets you see the animals, but they can’t see you.

The boma is intimate and perfectly formed around the boulders – the ideal place to share life’s greatest stories with the people that matter.


Our aim as game breeders is to conserve the magnificent, and rare “big-horn” genetics of the Impala & Nyala species.

We are currently running two seperate breeding projects.   The first one is our common Impala herd.  Our breeding ram, Delta, measured 26″ at a mere 26 months old.  He has between 20 and 30 ewes with him who all come from various 26-28″ bloodlines.

Our second breeding project is our Nyala herd.  All of the ewes are from various 30″+ genetics, and they have a 30″+ bull walking with them.


With 400 hectares of riverrine and mountaineos landscapes, we offer a unique hunting opportunity.  The vegetation makes this the perfect “walk & stalk” destination.

We also have a strategically placed hunting blind for the bow hunters.

Strictly walk & stalk allowed.

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